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Faith Christian Academy 2021-2022

Our Vision

Children are our greatest asset for the future. The investment in their lives today brings innumerable benefits for tomorrow.

Now, more than ever, there is a need for our children to be educated with excellent, academic standards and sound Christian principles. The objective of Faith Christian Academy is to prepare students spirit, soul and body so that they will become qualified to carry out God’s plan for their lives.


Since its inception in 1982, former graduates have pursued or are pursuing higher education programs in science, politics, medicine, and many other areas, while others are serving by ministering the Gospel.  

We highly recommend Faith Christian Academy for your consideration.  We are committed to excellence or nothing at all.

-Bishop Keith Butler and Pastor Deborah Butler

Online Class

Our Philosophy

Faith Christian Academy (FCA) is committed to the historic Christian perspective of life as set forth in the Bible, recognizing God as the Creator of all things, and Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the Savior of all who acknowledge Him as Lord.  We hold that the knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom, that fellowship with God is the basis of true fellowship with others and that each student is uniquely created by God as a spiritual, physical, intellectual, social being, endowed with God-given talents.  Therefore, the aim of Christian school, functioning as an extension of the home, and under the sovereignty of God is to aid every student’s growth in understanding God and man; developing all of their capabilities to the highest degree in order that they may become mature and complete, living life to its fullest, and carrying out the Master’s plan.

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What Sets FCA Apart?

• Strong foundation in the Word of God

• Clear mission and goals

• High standards

• High expectations

• Creative teaching styles for the virtual student

• Structure and discipline in the virtual, learning environment

• Visible support and involvement of parents and teachers in school activities

• Ongoing system of acknowledging and rewarding scholastic and character excellence, i.e., virtual and onsite honor roll assemblies, spirit day assemblies, graduation and awards ceremonies

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The FCA Commitment

It is the heartfelt desire of the entire FCA staff that all students reach their full potential in our caring environment, successfully completing our program and going on to top-rated middle schools, high schools and universities.

With FCA, you receive our:

  • Commitment to God

  • Commitment to excellence

  • Commitment to achievement

  • Commitment to demonstrating God’s love

School Supply
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Our Curriculum

FCA uses the most current, results-oriented textbooks and technological resources to develop academic excellence. This includes the accredited plan of study provided by A Beka Books in addition to other carefully selected materials to maintain the highest level of spiritual and academic standards from Preschool through Grade 5.


The A Beka curriculum was selected for use at FCA because of their strict adherence to strong academic and Christian principles. These instructional materials reject humanistic philosophy and methods and build upon the foundation of Scriptural truth throughout all subjects. In addition, other educational resources add depth to our total program.


FCA’s program is aggressive. Standards are high and so are expectations of students. With the joint cooperation of parents and the FCA teaching staff, students’ needs are addressed with specific planning and attention.


Students’ expectations and responsibilities are fully defined: quality of work, conduct, homework assignments and due dates are all a part of our curriculum.


Faith Christian Academy’s academic standards and student environment are in a continual state of evaluation as new teaching resources, techniques, and technologies are advanced. The educational benefits of the advanced technologies are great, with safeguards established. FCA students’ use of these prolific tools will enhance their experience in our technologically-driven society.

How FCA Works

FCA combines the flexibility of a virtual school with the resources of a traditional school. Students will receive a quality education using a blended synchronous (live classes) and asynchronous (independent learning) model.


The following core courses will be provided:

Language Arts 



Social Studies 



Students will also be provided with a live Spanish class twice per week.


Students will have access to our asynchronous curriculum 24 hours per day for viewing. Scheduled, live classes will also be provided for instruction and enrichment. Our caring teachers will also be available during their office hours to support your child’s progress and to answer any questions from their parents/guardians.  FCA believes in the development of the whole child. Every week we will have an online Chapel service where we will build our spirits and renew our minds through praise & worship, a Bible study and engaging activities.

Extracurricular Activities

Book Clubs

Choral Music


Fine Arts

(Art, Choral Music, Music Appreciation, Drama)

Virtual and In-Person Field Trips

Baseball (Spring)

Basketball (Fall/Winter)

Flag Football (Fall)

Tennis (Spring)

Soccer (Spring)

Volleyball (Winter) 

As God’s creations, we were designed by Him for fellowship with Him and others. Therefore, extracurricular activities will be provided where your child can interact with their peers, learn how to work in a cooperative environment and develop their interpersonal and leadership skills. These activities will be virtual or in-person and will include:

Technology Requirements

All students are required to have access to the internet and an electronic device where they can view and upload content. A desktop or laptop is strongly encouraged as opposed to a phone or tablet.

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The following tuition rates are inclusive of textbooks, shipping costs and extra-curricular activities. Minimal supplies (paper, scissors, glue, etc.) will need to be purchased separately. A school supply list will be provided prior to the start of each school year.

2021-2022 Tuition Rates

K4 - Kindergarten: $3,850

First – Fifth Grade: $4,050


*Monthly payment plans will be available. ** A non-refundable $100 application/testing fee is required for each student. An enrollment fee of $300 per family will be required to hold your student’s place. This will be applied to the first month’s tuition payment which begins in May. ***A 5% discount is available to all card-carrying members of Word of Faith International Christian Center.

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Students admitted to Faith Christian Academy are accepted for the beginning of the school year – fall semester only. We recommend that prospective parents attend our virtual Open House to receive answers to any further questions you may have. Application and testing information (if applicable) will be shared during this time as well. Questions to Consider: 

  • Do you want your child to receive a quality education through a Christ-centered worldview?  

  • Do you need a flexible school schedule to fit your family’s needs?

  • Do you want your child to attend a private, Christian school at an affordable rate?

  • Are you looking for an environment where your child can aspire to academic excellence? 

  • Do you want your children’s God-given talents and gifts identified and nurtured? 

  • Do you desire to see your child develop in leadership, responsibility, integrity and confidence?


Then Faith Christian Academy is the school for your family!

Come and experience the journey of wisdom, knowledge and the relentless pursuit of excellence at FCA!

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