Worship Arts Auditions

We’re excited about holding auditions for Word of Faith! In an effort to make the process smoother and to honor everyone’s time, we will be auditioning instrumentalists and vocalists virtually! Instead of an “all call” audition, where everyone is showing up to audition live (and waiting hours for their turn), we will be moving to video submissions.

If you want to audition for multiple instruments, or an instrument and vocals, you will need to submit separate videos for each.

We will review all videos and you respond via email informing whether you’ve been asked to continue in the audition process within 3 weeks of the submission deadline.

IMPORTANT: If you’re interested in joining the worship team at Word of Faith, please know that we value your commitment to our church. So, one of the primary things we require for those auditioning is that you are a member of WOFICC (or plans to make WOFICC your church home if asked to join the team).

  • Once you submit a video, we will review it and keep it on file for when we do our next round of live callbacks.
  • Currently, we are only accepting auditions through video submissions. We’re excited about all that God is doing in and through our Worship Arts ministry, and we’re looking forward to hearing your videos!
  • If you want to audition for multiple instruments, or an instrument and vocals, dance or drama, you will need to submit separate videos for each.
  • Please click on the worship arts entity that you are auditioning for in order to receive detailed instructions of what your video must include.

Submission Process:

  • Please submit your video(s) via YouTube.
  • Under privacy settings, select “UNLISTED” and title with “YOUR NAME-WORSHIP ARTS AUDITION.”
  • Copy and paste the link to your video in the email.
  • Make sure to specify the part you are submitting (choir/singer, drama, instrumental/orchestra, dancing, etc.)
  • Submit audition videos by emailing them to wofauditions@gmail.com. Please include your name, email, and contact number.

Video submissions for the 2018 Christmas Production can be submitted now through October 12, 2018..


Brass, Harp, Woodwind and Percussion Instruments

  1. Michigan Proficiency Major, minor, and chromatic scales (www.msboa.org)
  2. Two prepared etudes in contrasting tempo and style.
  3. Two prepared solo works from different eras. One must be a complete concerto, sonata, or suite.

Additional requirements for Harp

  1. Scales and arpeggios (or representative etudes)
  2. Two prepared solos in contrasting musical styles

Percussion – Demonstrate percussion skills on snare drum, marimba or xylophone, and timpani, as follows:

Snare Drum

Long roll, open-closed-open, pp-ff-pp
5,7,9,13,17-stroke rolls
Flams, flam accent no. 1 & 2, ruff, paradiddles, ratamaque, flam tap
Sight reading
Solo piece (non-rudimental)

Marimba or Xylophone

Major scales, two octaves, keys of C, F, G, D, E, A, Bb, Eb, Ab
Chromatic scale
Major and minor arpeggios, two octaves, for each of above keys
Sight reading
Three or four-mallet solo


For two drums, tune major 2nds, 3rds, 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, 7ths; minor 3rds, 6ths; octaves
Perform page 19 in the Goodman Timpani Method plus any two exercises for two or three drums



  • Three prepared pieces in different historical and contrasting styles
    1. One English art song
    2. One foreign-language art song (preferably Italian)
    3. One other song (in any language) or aria appropriate to your level


  • FEMALES: Sing the verse and bridge of “Encourage Yourself” by Donald Lawrence a cappella
  • MALES: Sing the verse and chorus of “Trust In You” by Anthony Brown & Group Therapy a cappella

*Optional: submit any videos of you performing live in a setting; please send these links as well.


Violin / Viola / Cello

  1. One 3-octave major and one melodic minor scale, with arpeggios
  2. An etude of applicant's choice
  3. One concerto movement or single-movement solo piece


  1. One 2-octave major and one melodic minor scale, with arpeggios
  2. One movement of solo Bach or an etude of applicant's choice
  3. One concerto movement or single-movement solo piece


Résumé and photo: Submit a typed résumé that includes previous theatre experience and training, and dance or music background, roles performed. Bring a photo with a good likeness of yourself.

Performance: Prepare two contrasting monologues from plays, not to exceed a combined total of four minutes. These selections may be from comedies or dramas of any period, although more modern works are preferred. They should not be from unpublished work. The pieces should be prepared and memorized. Try to incorporate some physical movement in at least one of the selections. If your monologue selection includes Shakespeare, be sure you are confident with the language, versification and character you’ve selected.

Improvisation: If you receive a call back, you may be asked that some of the following tasks be rendered with specific guidelines or conditions. Listen to the instructions and try to fulfill them:

  • Relate a childhood experience.
  • Sing a short a cappella song, such as a folk song.
  • Perform a simple physical task without words.
  • Discuss briefly the plays and characters of your audition pieces.
  • Re-do one of your audition pieces with a different set of goals.
  • Sight-read a short selection that the drama coaches will provide.


All applicants must submit a short solo (3 minutes maximum). This can be a dance style of the applicant's choice.