• Bishop Keith Butler

The Position of Authority

But made himself of no reputation, and took upon him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men. (Philippians 2:7)

Reputation is important to us. If someone has a prestigious title or position, most people want everyone to know. People are learning to guard their reputation on social media these days.

The wrong picture or post with the wrong people will change what people think about an individual.

Paul explained that Jesus made Himself no reputation. The Word no in Philippians 2:7 means that He made void or completely emptied His reputation. Jesus emptied Himself of all the power that could have influenced His earthly popularity, and He acted in complete humility.

In fact, Jesus took a step beyond what many would see as humble. Paul went on to explain that He took upon him the form of a servant. The word servant in Greek is doulos. It means slave. How do we differentiate between a volunteer and a slave? Volunteers can choose whether or not they feel like serving. On the other hand, slaves have no choice. Their lives are consumed with serving. Jesus willingly put Himself in a position where His whole life was about serving others.

Jesus, as a servant, allowed Himself to be made in the likeness of man. Think about that for a moment. Jesus could have come to earth in His glorified nature and would have been worshipped and revered. Instead of His glorified body, Jesus humbled Himself and put on regular human flesh.

Jesus was the ultimate authority and equally the ultimate servant. We should follow His example as servants of God by serving others.

Practical Application – How can you serve someone this week? How can you go out of your way to let someone else know that God loves them through your words and actions?

Romans 1:1; Romans 16:1



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