• Bishop Keith Butler

Less Stressful, More Successful

Brethren, my heart's desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved. (Romans 10:1)

Paul wasn't perfect by any means. He was a man who listened to the Holy Ghost and, for the most part, followed the directives that God gave him, but he missed it at times. Paul was still a man and had to wrestle with what he wanted and what God wanted him to do.

Paul told us that his heart's desire was for Israel to be saved, but God had called him to minister to the Gentiles. When Paul would enter a city to which God sent him, his first reaction was to go to the synagogue and preach Jesus to the Jewish people there. They usually refused to listen and attacked Paul for teaching doctrine that differed from the Law. When he stopped trying to minister to the Jewish people and instead went to the Gentiles in the same city, they heard his message, accepted him, and God was glorified.

Was it wrong to preach to the Jews? No. Was it successful? No.

Paul was supposed to minister to the Gentiles, not the Jews. Your life would be a lot less stressful and more successful if you would just follow what God told you to do in the first place.

Paul was hardheaded at times, but so are you and I. The good news is that God doesn’t call perfect people; He empowers called people.

God has a specific calling for your life, and no matter what you may think, God can do big things with you and me, as imperfect as we are.

Practical Application – What is the last thing God told you to do? Have you been making excuses as to why you cannot do it? Stop fighting God’s plans. Take steps towards following God’s plan, and your life will become less stressful and more successful.

Acts 21:11; Romans 15:5



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