• Bishop Keith Butler

God will Grow What He Plants

And they went out of the prison, and entered into the house of Lydia: and when they had seen the brethren, they comforted them, and departed. (Acts 16:40)

The church in Philippi began in Lydia’s house.

We should follow the Lord’s direction about where and when to start things He puts on our hearts. I have started many churches, and it has never been because I wanted to do it, but rather because the Lord directed me to go to that place and start a work. Those churches are still up and running 20 years later because they weren't started with my own wisdom and understanding.

Many churches start small and eventually grow, but the point is never the size of the church or the ministry. The important thing is that I can say that I followed God, where He has led me to go.

Churches last when the Lord is building His church, whether they start in a house or another kind of building. The focus must be that God has ordained the planting of the church.

Paul found a partner in Lydia, the female small business owner who released her resources to help establish the church in Philippi. Wherever God leads my ministry, He also connects us with partners who have resources to provide for the work there. Where God guides, God always provides, but that promise doesn’t apply to those who try to establish their own work without the leading of the Holy Spirit. You do not want to begin a ministry, business, marriage, or anything in life without being led by the Holy Spirit.

Practical Application – Has God put a dream in your heart to begin something? Do not despise small beginnings. Step out in faith, knowing that if God started it, it will grow.

Romans 16:5; Philemon 1:2



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