• Bishop Keith Butler

A Life that is Long and Full

Having the same conflict which ye saw in me, and now hear to be in me. (Philippians 1:30)

Conflict is the Greek word agon; it means strife with bitter foes and struggle warfare.

God wants us to live long and full lives. However, the life of faith isn’t long and boring. It is a life of victory over conquered foes and challenges that are accepted and won. The abundant life that Jesus calls us to is not merely about the length of days; it is also about quality.

Paul referred to the fact that the Philippians were well aware of the conflicts that had undergone. Although he didn’t hide his problems, Paul didn’t complain about them either. Instead, he used the difficulties he'd been through to his benefit by saying: “You saw them and you heard them, and yet, I am still here breathing.”

God’s will is for you to live a long and full life, not a short, exciting one or a long one void of faith stories.

Scientists tell us that fear and excitement release the same chemicals in the same quantity in our brains. New experiences can cause anxiety or excitement; your perspective will determine which emotion rules in your mind and affects your body.

What will your long life be like? Will it be one of adventure or one of constant problems? Decide to live a long, abundant life as a person of faith who takes opportunities to live your faith when challenges arise.

Practical Application – When challenges arise, force yourself to smile and tell yourself, “This will be an adventure of faith.” Be excited, not fearful.

Genesis 25:8; Psalm 91:16



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