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The Ministry of Helps at Word of Faih is the consolidation of various groups of born again, Spirit-filled believers. These groups form a nucleus surrounding Bishop Keith A. Butler and his assistants to aid them in bringing to pass the God-given vision for Word of Faith. By participating in the Ministry of Helps you can assist in meeting the operational demands of the Ministry and the spiritual needs of the people who participate in worship, study, and social activities. Be a significant part in aiding to help bring to pass the the Vision of Word of Faith.

The Ministry of Helps is a supernatural ministry set in the church by God according to 1 Corinthians12:28. Many find fulfillment, spiritual growth, enjoyment and even new relationships as a Ministry of Helps volunteer. We ask that you prayerfully consider where you should work in the fulfillment of the vision of Word of Faith.

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Note: You must be a WOF Member and have completed the Believers' classes to become a Helps Volunteer.

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