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Technical Support FAQs

Sometimes technology just doesn’t want to cooperate. If you’re currently experiencing any technical issues at WOF Church Online, check out the FAQs below for some basic troubleshooting tips. If you still need assistance, complete the form at the end to let us know. We’re here to help!

For help with the video player, please call  Piksel Support at: (866) 708-1452.

What should my first response be to any technical issue?

Three great first steps to resolve any tech issue are:
1) Refresh the page,
2) Double-check your internet connection, and
3) Try using a different web browser. Nine times out of ten, one of those steps will do the trick!

What does “refreshing” a page mean and how do I do it?

To “refresh” a web page simply means to load it again. You can do this by pressing the F5 button on your keyboard or by clicking the Refresh Icon symbol at the top of the screen.

How do I download a different web browser?

Click these links and follow the accompanying directions to download Chrome, Firefox, or Opera.

What’s a good way to prevent most tech issues from occurring in the first place?

Make sure your web browser, Flash Player, and Java are all up to date prior to serving. You can verify that you have the latest version of your preferred browser using these links: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, & Opera. Click here to check Flash Player and here to check Java.

What do I do if the video suddenly stops playing?

If the video stops, refresh the page (see above). In some browsers, you may also need to click inside the video player to restart the video.

My chat window is now in another language. How can I change it back to English?

Click Auto Language Icon at the top of the chat window—this will default the chat to the language you’re currently using in your messages. Refresh if needed (see above).

How do I get the video to play if the screen says it’s “unable to connect to the content”?

If you receive the message, first try refreshing the page (see above). If that doesn’t help, call Piksel Support at: (866) 708-1452 .

Why can I not see or hear Live Prayer notifications?

First, make sure the volume is turned up on your computer. Second, make sure the “Available for Live Prayer” slider under the gear icon isn’t turned to red. Next, test Live Prayer by asking another volunteer to click the Live Prayer button and seeing if you hear and see the notification. Finally, try using a different web browser.

Host specific FAQs

Why don’t I have a Host tag after my name?

If you don’t have a Host tag, chances are you’re still in your first 30 days of serving. Never fear—you’ll receive it after your Captain completes your 30-day review. If you already received a Host tag but suddenly don’t have it anymore, ask your Captain to double-check that your role is set correctly in the Users section of the Admin panel.

Why can’t I transfer a Live Prayer request?

There is currently an issue with transferring Live Prayer requests. If you have trouble transferring a request, politely ask the guest to click the Live Prayer button again and have the other Host accept the 2nd request.

Why can’t I mute someone?

The muting feature is only accessible to Captains and should only ever be used as a last resort. If more than one volunteer tries to mute the same guest at the same time, you will usually receive a red error message saying that the person cannot be muted. If this happens, refresh the page (see above) and try muting the guest again.

How do I report an issue that’s not covered here?

Occasionally things go awry. If none of the FAQs above resolve your issue, please send us a Technical Issue Report using the form below. Anyone can do this! We’ll be glad to take a look and see how we can help.


Tech Support Form

Windows: Press the "print screen" button on your keyboard. Open Paint, then click "edit" and "paste." Save the file to your desktop. Apple: Press Command+Shift+3 on your keyboard and your screenshot will appear on your desktop.
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