Major Announcement by Bishop Keith. A. Butler

Posted Sunday, October 7, 2018

We are announcing the sale of this site. Some of the buildings on site were built in 1930.


1. When will this happen?
We don’t know.
We first have to obtain a buyer, Purchase the land, Build a building which could take two years No time soon
2. Are we the people of Word of Faith being asked to give special sacrifice offerings for this purpose?
No. We believe the sale/new building construction and building cost may equal. An example of this would be our Atlanta Church. We sold its building and built a new one which opened this spring without a special building drive.
3. Do we know where we’re moving to?
No. It depends where we can purchase property.
We would like to stay in this area, but that remains to be seen.
4. What will the building look like?
It will be a state of the art, 21st Century Building. At the appropriate time we will make a model for the congregation to see.
5. How much land are we looking for?
Bare minimum - 22 acres
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