We want to Thank You very much

Posted Monday, February 22, 2016

I wish to thank all of you who assisted our church, whether by sending an email or attending the meeting in Southfield held by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, regarding our application to drill for natural gas and oil on a small part of our 110 acre site.

It saddens me that this process has resulted in personal attacks on me, you and the Word of Faith church family by politicians and some members of the news media, including the misrepresentation of what we believe and teach. However, last Sunday we studied together 1 Timothy 6:12,13 about fighting faith’s good fight, and we also studied our Lord Jesus’ confession before the government and critics of His day.

We will continue to go forward in carrying out the first mandate our Lord gave to His church, which is to go into the world and preach His gospel; and we will continue our ministry to mankind. Mark 10:29,30 tells us what happens when great blessing comes our way, so we should not be surprised.

I want to say how honored I am to serve such a wonderful group of committed believers. Again, thank you for your support.

In the Master’s Service and With Great Appreciation,

P.S. Presently, I am ministering at one of our association churches in Florida that heavily supports our KBM overseas work. I will speak at WOFICC next Sunday. See you then!

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