Support of Oil Drilling at Word of Faith

Posted Sunday, January 3, 2016

Please email your comments of support to the EXACT email address below by Monday, January 18, 2016.
Please reference application number A150095.

Here are some comments that you may include in your support statements for the permit to drill being issued to Word of Faith.

  • I support the DEQ issuing the Word of Faith permit.  A successful oil well would be very beneficial to the church and surrounding community.
  • The location of the well was selected by Jordan along with Word of Faith church at a location that will not interfere with the church activities nor the surrounding property owners nor the City of Southfield.
  • The well is located in an upland, dense woods so as to shield itself from local traffic and residential properties.
  • The well, if oil is discovered, will have a positive impact on the Church and community at large due to the royalty income it will provide and the jobs that will be created.
  • Jordan has an excellent track record in drilling and producing wells in Michigan.
  • This well is a traditional oil exploration attempt.  There will not be any fracking involved whatsoever. 
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