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SOUTHFIELD, MI–For days now, we have heard nothing but hype and distortions of the truth regarding the proposed oil drilling on the private property of Word of Faith International Christian Center Church. We have answered calls from neighbors and the media alike for the purpose of supplying factual information about this issue. Our political leaders should be willing to present unbiased information, showcasing both sides of the issue so that the community can make an informed decision. Instead of supplying well-bal- anced information, some have presented unsubstantiated information to community members who, un- derstandably so, are now in an uproar about oil drilling at Word of Faith. So, we would like to present the facts regarding the oil drilling on our property.


Allow us to first say that we are very sympathetic to the concerns of our neighbors. We share the same concerns regarding water, disruption to the land and gas fumes, which is why we asked Jordan Development Company to supply us with detailed, factual information about what would take place

on our land as well as a history of their operations regarding oil drilling. We do not want to see the land that this ministry resides on destroyed; we have invested millions of dollars into the development of this property. We also do not want to destroy the properties of our neighbors either. We have been in this

community since 1996 and have only striven to make our presence here a positive one for all who would be affected. Here are the facts:


1. The well will not be “fracked.” An important note about this is that the Environmental Protection Agency recently released a massive study stating that fracking is not hazardous to the environment or human health. As for the type of drilling that will happen at Word of Faith…subsurface geology is complex. The Michigan subsurface is made up of sand, carbonate, limestone, dolomite, salt and anhydrate, etc. Jordan’s prospect under WOF is a Niagaran reef. Reefs are made of carbonate rock material which are very porous and naturally fractured so they don’t need any hydraulic fracturing.

  1. The well will be located in an upland, dense wooded area so as to shield itself from local traffic and residential properties. Its location will not interfere with the church activities, the surrounding property owners, nor the City of Southfield.

  2. The well will be drilled using fresh water and clay, as well as natural brine water, which is routinely ap- plied to Michigan’s roads for dust control.

  3. The well is being drilled in an area, which will not impact the local quality of life. It is on a private prop- erty of 110 acres and screened by woods.

  4. Jordan Development has an excellent track recording in drilling and producing wells in Michigan. This well will be no different.

  5. There is no evidence that we are aware of in the State of Michigan where drinking water has ever been compromised due to oil and gas activity.

  6. This wellbore will be protected with two layers of cement and steel through the fresh water aquifer and when abandoned, filled with concrete. It will be safer to the groundwater than a common water supply well.

  7. Natural gas is considered a clean fuel and is credited with reducing greenhouse gases. As to flaring of gas, more than 50% of electricity in Michigan is generated by burning natural gas. Michigan uses over 2 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas. This well would burn less than 2/1,000 of 1% of what Michigan uses on a daily basis.

  8. Over 50,000 permits to drill for oil have been issued in the State of Michigan; we have not found any evidence regarding the reduction of property values as a consequence of their issuance.

  9. Once in operation, a producing well will be routinely serviced by one pick-up truck twice a day. Three times a week a tanker would come in to remove produced oil. This is far less than the truck traffic to keep a corner gas station supplied with gasoline. And, any trucks will be on our property so as not to be a hindrance.

  10. Regarding the displacement of trees, many of the trees that would be removed are already dead and fallen. Furthermore, we have, with the city’s permission, replaced the dead, old trees with new, mature grown trees.

  11. The State of Michigan benefits from every well drilled via tax revenues. The royalties from oil and gas development fund both Michigan’s state parks through the State Parks Endowment Fund and local com- munity recreation projects through the Natural Resources Trust Fund.

13. Since the inception of these programs, Oakland County has received over $70 million in oil and gas royalties for various projects, including development and restoration of Carpenter Lake Park, the Valley Woods Trail and the Evergreen Woods Park all located in Southfield.

  1. High paying jobs are created in Michigan by the Michigan energy industry.

  2. The United States has a longstanding, constitutional right, which allows landowners to reap the benefits from their ownership of private property.


While this advisory does not contain all the information about oil drilling and how it works, it does answer many of the concerns that we have been presented with. For more information or clarity on the oil drilling process, please contact Mr. Ben Brower at Jordan Development at 231.935.4220.



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