Interstellar and Eternity

Posted Thursday, November 13, 2014

I just watched the movie Interstellar and to a Sci-fi guy like me it was amazing. I was blown away by the visuals of Outer Space and the vastness and complexity of the Universe. Anytime I see a movie, read a book or have a conversation that highlights this facet of God's creation I think about just how awesome God is. Often I also think about this fact: Eternity is long..... Ever get nervous about the fact that eternity is So Long? I mean what are we going to be doing all that time? Won't we be bored? Think about the last time you were really having fun with some friends or family. Maybe you were at a wedding reception for a loved one and you hadn't seen many of them for a while. So you were smiling, laughing, soaking it in, just having a great time. You knew that everyone had to go back to their lives afterward and was kind of sad about it because as far as you were concerned it could go on forever and you would just love it. That's what eternity in heaven will be like except better! I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to THAT. What do you think Eternity will be like?

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