The Miracle List - Yes He Can!

Posted Thursday, September 15, 2011

I've been asked for this multiple times. For fun, tell me which one of these was an error.

  1. Created the World by his words
  2. Defeated 4 Armies with 318 servants
  3. Made the Barren such as Hannah, Rebekah, Rachel, and Elizabeth fruitful
  4. Made Isaac rich in a time of famine
  5. Restored Jacob's wages and wealth
  6. Gave Job 2x what he lost
  7. Made a 30 yr. old foreign slave and prisoner a prime minister overnight
  8. Made the Wicked (Egypt) give their riches to the Just (Israel)
  9. Healed 2 to 3 million people through 1 meal
  10. Parted the Red Sea
  11. Gave Manna from Heaven
  12. Gave Millions of Gallons of Water from a Rock
  13. Made a Jewess the Queen of Babylon
  14. Stopped the Sun in Battle
  15. Sped up the Sun to prove a point
  16. Knocked down the walls of Jericho
  17. Helped a 17 year old boy defeat a Giant in Battle
  18. Helped Samson kill a lion with his bare hands
  19. Helped Samson defeat 1000 men with the jawbone of a donkey
  20. Had Ravens feed a man bread and meat
  21. Multiplied oil Twice!
  22. Had fire fall from heaven (to make a point)
  23. Made Poisoned food edible
  24. Made an iron float
  25. Raised a man from the dead using another dead man's bones
  26. Defeated 3 armies without lifting a sword and left 3 days harvest
  27. Protected 3 men in a fiery furnace
  28. Protected 1 man all night from Hungry lions
  29. Had a fish swallow a man & spit him out alive & well
  30. Spoke to a storm and it obeyed
  31. Walked on Water
  32. Multiplied 5 loaves and 2 fishes to feed 5000 men +
  33. Multiplied 7 loaves and 2 fishes to feed 4000 men +
  34. Made the Deaf to Hear
  35. Made the Blind to See
  36. Made the Lepers to be Cleansed
  37. Made the Lame to Walk
  38. Raised the Dead
  39. Raised himself from the Dead
  40. Saved all mankind through 1 death
  41. Broke His men out of Prison twice!
  42. Healed Paul from the Snake bite
  43. Made us Righteous
  44. Made us Healed
  45. Made us Protected
  46. Made us Delivered
  47. Made us Prosperous
  48. Gave us a Bright Future
  49. Made Heaven our Home!
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