Is God Helping Tim Tebow?

Posted Monday, November 28, 2011

"your help has made me great" 2 Samuel 22:36 NLT

I've had a few interesting conversations the last week or so about the success of Tim Tebow. Basically, the question being discussed is whether or not God cares about whether or not Tim Tebow is successful 'playing a game (football)' or is God 'helping' Tebow have success. The individuals I've talked to along with most of the national sports media have made it clear that they think such an idea is nonsense. Some have taken to deriding Tebow and openly 'hatin' on him simply because he wears his faith on his sleave (lets leave that convo for my next post).

As a Christian and a Pastor, my position is that any conversation or question about the God of the Bible requires looking at what HE said in the Bible. A quick review of Bible verses like Deuteronomy 29:9, 2 Chronicles 26:5, Genesis 39:3, Psalm 1:3, and many more reveal that God IS in the business of causing those that truly live their lives for him to have success in WHATEVER they put their hand to.

There are a number of reasons for this. The first is simply that God likes to prosper his people. The second, and more relevant to this discussion, is that God likes to use the success of HIS people to get the attention of the world that God sent his Son Jesus to save. As the Bible teaches, anyone that has not received the free gift of his Son Jesus will perish (John 3:16). God cares too much and has done too much to idly sit by and watch people pass up the 'get out of Hell free card' that he has given them in Jesus. He uses everything he can to get them to take another look at his Son Jesus with the hope that they'll receive the eternal life he purchased for them.

"now there was found in it a poor wise man, and he by his wisdom delivered the city; yet no man remembered tht same poor man." Ecclesiastes 9:15

God understands how this world works. Some people only respond to success. Like the Queen of Sheba in 1 Kings 10, she only came to King Solomon when she saw his extraordinary success as well as his connection with the Lord that did it. Only after seeing his prosperity as well as seeing his wisdom did she believe in his God. God causes his people to have success so that those who have yet to receive Jesus will have another opportunity to see that he is real.

Frankly, there aren't enough Tim Tebow's in the world. The Bible teaches that God will give extraordinary, attention-getting success to ANY of his people that will fully follow and believe him. A wise man once said that everyone is a genius at something. We ALL need to find our giftings, work as hard as Tebow has at developing it, live right in God's sight, and use our success to make Jesus famous. Perhaps we all should be Tebow-ing.

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