Crossing Your Jordan River

Posted Saturday, August 20, 2011

In Joshua 3, the Israelites were brought by God to the shores of the Jordan River. God gave Joshua instructions to follow for Israel to cross the Jordan River. As they followed his instructions the Jordan river stood up like a waterfall and Israel crossed over on dry ground. Sound familiar? It was just 40 years before that God used Moses to lead Israel through the Red Sea. The difference is that in crossing the Red Sea Israel was delivered from Egypt (a type of sin). In crossing the Jordan River Israel entered their Promised Land (a type of Total Prosperity). In the middle was a place called a Wilderness, in the Wilderness Israel had to unlearn the worlds' ways and to learn and live according to God's ways. It wasn't until they started ACTING like people of God that they claimed what God promised them.

It seems that most Christians have crossed the Red Sea but have never crossed their Jordan River. Too many Christians are dying in the Wilderness instead of enjoying the Promised Land God had prepared just for them. What does it take to cross your Jordan River? It takes no longer bring a Practical Atheist (someone who believes in God but ACTS like he doesn't exist), it takes no longer being a So-Called Christian who thinks the worlds' way about sex, life, money and music. It takes being what what Christians are made to be SAINTS (holy people). It takes not just talking about faith but actually living by faith. I'm talking about the type of faith that will tell the Sun to Stand Still, that will Walk on Water, that will Call yourself Healed and Victorious even when you feel Sick and Defeated. When you truly become the person God made you to be then you'll enjoy all God wants you to have.

So TODAY focus on being EVERYTHING God made you to be in EVERYWAY. Don't worry about tomorrow or next week (since you can't do anything about them yet anyway). Just Start TODAY and take your first step across your Jordan River!

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