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Michael A. Guido Theater

located inside the

Ford Community and Performing Arts Center

15801 Michigan Ave

Dearborn, MI 48126

We are looking forward to celebrating our 45th Church Anniversary and Bishop & Pastor Deborah's 50th year in ministry with YOU!

Doors open at 5:30pm  


Come early to explore a gallery of our history and enjoy photo opportunities, such as the 360 photo booth in the Lincoln Ballroom!

In order to avoid distractions, please be in your seat at 7pm as the theater doors will close for the opener and reopen after it is finished


Below, you'll find additional information about our night of celebration and the check-in process based on how your ticket was purchased.


  • You received your QR codes for your tickets in an email "45th Anniversary Event Ticket". Make sure to check your spam folder if it is not found in your inbox. 

  • If you are having any issues retrieving your QR code, please contact our IT department help desk at (248)353-3476 x1434

  • If you purchased more than one ticket, both a group ticket QR code and individual ticket QR codes were provided.

  • If your entire group cannot be present when you check in, you can share tickets with friends and family. This allows you to send tickets to some or all of the guests in your party, enabling everyone to enter the event using their own ticket.

  • Please note that if you have purchased multiple tickets and scanned the group QR code without the entire group present, the tickets for the remaining members of your party will become invalid. Please ensure that you only scan tickets for individuals who are present with you.

  • When sending a ticket via email or text using a smartphone, you can hold down on the QR code for the individual and select "share". From there, you can choose whether to send the ticket via text or email. If you select text, input the recipient's phone number. If you choose email, enter their email address. Once finished, click "send".

  • You can choose to print a ticket or provide the person with their unique access code, which can be found below their QR code. However, please note that checking in using an access code will require a manual process that will take longer at the door.




As a result of registering via SEC envelope you will need to manually check-in at the venue. This means your entire party must be present upon check-in. When you arrive please make your way to the manual check-in line and provide the name the tickets were purchased under.


 We will provide a designated area to hang your coat. Please note that it will not be secured or managed by any personnel.


The theater has open seating (i.e. meaning there are no reserved seats). Seats will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.


Please note dinner will not be served, and while we recommend dressing in formal attire, it is not required in order for you to experience this grand occasion.

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