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Bishop and Founding Pastor

Keith Butler was ordained as a minister of the gospel in 1974. He earned a Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, a diploma from RHEMA Bible in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma and was awarded a honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Oral Roberts in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

He founded and is Pastor of Word of Faith International Christian Center in 1979. In 1989, he founded the School of Ministry today called Pistis to train ministers and has graduated over 1,000 who minister worldwide.

Bishop Butler is also the founder of Keith Butler Ministries, an international ministry that connects those from around the world to the Word of God. Find out more at



First Lady and Founding Pastor

Pastor Deborah is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel. Her encouraging, yet down-to-earth teaching imparts wisdom from the Word of God into all that hear her speak. One of Pastor Butler’s many duties is serving as the Director of God's BeYOUties, the women's ministry at Word of Faith in Southfield and Faith4Life in Toledo. Pastor Deborah is often called to travel to other ministries to teach and admonish women to walk in the wisdom of God, and to experience peace in every area of their lives.



Executive Pastor

MiChelle Ferguson is a dynamic minister of the Gospel, conference speaker and author.   She has had to constantly rise above criticism, unrealistic and unfair expectations. As a result, she has a unique ability to deliver the Word of God in a way that keeps it real, funny, yet applicable to daily life.

A graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center, MiChelle is co-pastor along with her father, Bishop Keith Butler of Word of Faith International Christian Center. Her down to earth style of preaching and knowledge of the Scriptures is sure to inspire everyone who hears.

MiChelle Ferguson is also the founder of MiChelle Ferguson Ministries, an international ministry centered around helping people discover that their godly nature is to be as strong and solid as bullet-proof glass, a strength which is drawn from the unconditional love of God. Find out more at

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Director of Worship Arts

Pastor Lee Ferguson Is Licensed and Ordained at Word of Faith International Christian Center and serves as the Worship Arts Director. As a mighty minister of the gospel he has preached throughout the world since 1994. Lee was raised in church and groomed for ministry. He always knew it was his life mission to carry the message of Jesus Christ to the world. After realizing he was born on purpose and for a purpose, Lee passionately committed his life, under the tutelage of his father, to give hope to those who had none.

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